An introduction to full-stack javascript web development (PART 1)

This post will serve to demonstrate how to set up a simple node server with an express framework. This post assumes you have a basic knowledge of command line navigation and an intermediate level of  knowledge of Javascript programming. All you will need to follow along with this post is a command line and a […]

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Battlecode is an educational tool for programmers with a competitive edge. The web application provides a platform for programmers to practice coding challenges and compete against one another in a real-time, head to head environment. One of the more interesting choices in the application’s architecture was the choice of two Redis queues that utilized remote processing […]

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Q2 (1)


Music has been at the center of social gatherings for decades.  However,  I’ve noticed an extremely common theme at most of these functions: several groups of individuals battling for control over the auxiallary cable or constantly bugging the host for requests. Q aims to solve this pervasive issue by allowing participants to collaboratively manage a playlist in […]

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